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Steve Benson. Return.
Return, performed 11/15/1987, is an orally improvised revision of a written text that audience members received at their seats at a poetry reading at Canessa Park Gallery in San Francisco. Return is presented here as text, streaming audio, and a facsimile of the original typescript.

Kit Robinson. The Dolch Stanzas.
Originally published in 1976 by This, The Dolch Stanzas resonates even more vibrantly today. For a review of The Dolch Stanzas by Michael Gottlieb in L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E, April 1978, click here. The work is available in three versions:
page-through, scroll-through, and PDF format.

Kit Robinson. Windows.
The Press issued this 142 page book in 1985, its first offset publication. Four selections from this title have been redesigned for the web.

Robert Grenier. Sentences.
Twenty-five years after its publication of the original edition of 500 boxed 5" x 8" index cards, Whale Cloth Press has made available a web-based version of this important work.
[Notes] [Images of the original box]

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Alan Bernheimer. The Hamlet of the Bees.
The Press issued several handset works using fine papers. One of these, printed in 1981, was Alan Bernheimer's translation of Valery Larbaud's Le Hameau des Abeilles. The original cover and pages were scanned and are issued here in facsimile.
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