We'll go slowly starting out here to get used to the procedure. I might quote from earlier works. Stop to stub my toe. Steve. Spelling? I might stop to appreciate the form of the line. I am easily hurt, but don't cry easily. Change the words. Remind you of your part in this, now change the subject. Trees, for instance. "It's not a matter of necessity but of contingency," the text said. David says Steve is coming late winter/early spring. In what way is my vocabulary set? What the words the color blue still reminds me of. But I don't cry easily. There is much that I can do, and I will do a part of it.                          Okay. Because we're separating our finances, everything is a negotiation.        I become inhabited by ghost translators --those whom I have elected to translate.             Alternating voices, alienating voices from distraction              I revise this as I go along. As with people so with so-called 'truth' or 'the    case': all their molecules have changed since this was written, and they are no longer the same, even though an identity appears remarkable, recognizable through them. If their presence is active it is myour involvement with them: they consist in just this. You want the original to be definitive. Meanwhile, I end. A      convincing application of the world "I." Now this space--is more problematical   than another for a give & take? If so, . . .  several fields, and pain.          Performance & dialogue & audience participation in performance not the same as    dialogue in social spaces (i.e., Do you need these notes? (every other letter) After I don't [want to] tell you what to do LOSS: distance from the source; disconnection from the person.                     That's relaxing.                                                        or not to do Read crosswise or down, checkerboard (words framed) in prose or lines. And those filled in like dumpster attacks marble (wood frames) in magazine photos. Standard of difference. Genuine leather description.                       What you may do "When they say speaking is one kind of writing, I can't argue,              though it seems    hard to agree it's not impossible." Inherently. for your own reasons I appreciate the protection that your company affords me. Why don't you go jump in the lake? This internal rebellion is a request for valid principles, not for a revolution. Pops up with foreign accent: "What has been like your day?" To save space.                   And the words ruffled in the back of my mind like darkest taffeta. So what?                                                      Do you read these notes?          "I'd wear this shit called Afro Sheen on my hair, which is basically some     sugar-water type stuff, I found out later, I thought it did something for me. Anyway, I used to practice in the park whenever you wear perfume or something sweet, these bees would fuck with you.They flew a little like hummingbirds, only much faster, they'd hover in the air and they'd stop, this hang-fly-hang-fly thing, they would always be moving, but in a real small space. That fascinated me. It was almost like Muhammad Ali; you would hit at it and it would move a very small motion, and you would miss it. I thought about music, I said, 'Cats play straight up and down in a scalar fashion--nobody plays like these          bees move.' I wanted to play like that, rhythmically and melodically." We might be waiting outside for someone with the key to show up. One person came, who said she had been given the key but the one in her hand, whether it's the same one as she was given or not, doesn't work in the door. We agree we could just    have the meeting outside, but if we are going to do that why hover round the door? Repeat. To save the words ruffled back through my mind So, what? Do you read these notes?         Abusing the mother tongue: "If we are incompetent it is because mother is inadequate." (raw) The only way I'll ever be I like words here, the grey belt able to remember everything Imagine Any one thing displaces the gills     of another                halfway down your back        is to write it down     Breathing First things should start 1st  on either side   bee propolis            a fish              but I never have time            A feeling of being unsafe    But you create time! Suppose this were more programmatic. Would you like that prefer better? Would you find it handier to use? There's a vast need to fill in empty space. Why not just contemplate emptiness? Here I stoop reading talking and thinking, and just do nothing a secret amount of time. When you chant I can react from a secure feeling of In this way the words are disproportionately widening across my back and shoulders, instead of you enchant alligned to the                    from a panic feeling in my stomach            and didn't know it           you vomit yourself up                                      I don't want to re Typically I fail to remember anything I experience in meditation letting the writing be out of control, unmanageablework (space). "work clothes." peat anybody "Artists' House" 747 9961 Want to talk? might want to belong "So mystics agree that if you're going to talk about spirit, it's best to ah you use negatives--unlimited, unborn, unrestricted, and so on." As long as you can hold on . . .  " as for train of thought-- the thinker changes direction, scope and parameters a thousandfold aware, or unaware, alternating, reflexive, iffy, but, unlike speaking out loud, THIS can be known only to the thinker, and the final word doesn't have to be any more final than any others, unlike in writing, enquote.                             To set rules for listening or speaking And if should restless horns blast the Have you prepared love forms Syllabification tear here Each person in the audience gets a slightly different- shaped at this point some syllables missing were translated nevertheless out of                the Greek voice.         it says                   Game structures What it was imagining was fictional.            Anyway.             "There is no real time in writing." FuCk YoU! he said really meaning it. Noshun of a complete dispensability of procedures. The subject in process is blunt hard, not to be identified then with the text as process." This is not me.        After a while I'd like No!                                              Writing backwards, or inside out, the secret breaks in two.                     "'Why not!?'"                Everyman enters and looks around the bookstore, slams his hand down on the counter and says hip, shoved against the newspapers, "What can you give me that my daughter can read? She's in 3rd grade. And she's not dumb!" I've taken in an orange from the cooler before coming on my shift, in case a sea change I allow the face of the 'always already' as I enters. Already the construction [constriction] of the world is dead, and writing  . . . in language! Hah! One's speech to be at liberty to subvert the law, from what? something topological. To exist in abject now "'Why!?'" Who is a man standing on his hands in it, stuck under his feet. To think I learn is ribbon streaming through them; or else the feet are in the mind-humbled air on the blank page, head twisted reasonably to look right at you, a modest peasant sky light behind--this is how I organize my leaning life, Ned thought, disappearing smoke appearing through the evening some time. To learn I think is novel, mind hummed in a pleasant plaster bag. We lean against the car in the evening, buffeting the scene with our gnat thoughts . . .  How far away is screen? . .  That's what gnats ask, circling in their media, and to whom? Hence, it is said, if you have a chest full of clothing, and leave it for a long time, the clothing will rot inside it. It is the same with the thoughts in our heart.                          As a reader, I am an authority, possibly even obliged, who speaks is in I am, doom, like a spectacular samurai more real than I, place in that or I accept myself. "'Why I don't know, who speaks          as if it were monologue                "The thought that accompanies and is said to be 'expressed in' writing seldom        takes place without the writing-- Or at least, when it takes place without        writing, its different, from what it would have been if it had been accompanied writing. And after writing the writer may well disappear-- inevitably does, since   the person who reads aloud or silently or explicates is no longer the author at   the moment of writing. And speech weaves among the other two, interrupting and                            modifying them when it seems most silent or absent." Unfelt, hed said literature w/o feeing monumentality of all that. Escape in all in kills the writher. If I number fiction, making provisional another fail to granted, but feel, yes, writing, I change everything--even me-- into the materials of that action,                              Is it harder in daylight? this before                           Stripes. [Copy in material from notebooks, writing . . . ] inquiry?                                                              makes a shambles of its predecessor, this glazed-eyed lunatic I the moment of writing. And two, positions. When the moon is full, one sees it isn't gone; the self,              trailing inspired attacks on quandary in a gleeful rage of ersatz satisfaction. When, its tangled resume of rest in paradox, mumbled prayers, motion, emotion scrambles to the highest rise in its One!" like a character in a play speech weaves among the other a thousand slipshod speculations, lights dimming or failing . . .                            day               Inside that structure The crisscross form set on top of the other into attention burning the equipment escaping through the knee, patterning the floor. The horror-- Oh oh--                                               And covering whitewash next door, faking it,