for Maxine


he and his friends burned them
then they went home
and looked at it again

they walked about a day that night
black blankets on their backs
they walked full of good piss

for them to hunt it down
was far and away
a black look

can one jump
onto a track that way
four said they were into it

six said so too
by the way
their hoofs were charred


my little red one has not
time but for to eat
and play with me

today no sleep at all
alight with what to do
on yellow back wages

tough against tonic blue
so drum on by all means
music ages old and go

let down the spread to
warm the back

scan and run down
the one to ten
in him beside her

so they say
and run up to do it
for now


put it away
he gave it to him
she thought it over

they ended up at brown's
little was said of
each and every one

at six the sun jumps down
little by little
in its place

and you can see into
what's left
of what there is to do


it can move fast
she is said to have
seen it go once

once and for all
by the white way
it left out

her one look
far away and
out of the blue

to get from it
to her and back
is said to look

as white
when it is late
and you can see


the old eye can read
anything at all with
one little old yellow look


I would pull if I got right
but am stopped
by the funny take off

then cold sleep I take
and drink and ride fast
where I sit

pretty well over the edge
I think best
before it starts

to hurt and wash clean
draw grow pull and spar
I is no where


together or on
what works there

tell us what
would carry the bundle
through those dark woods

important universal
always holds
bring some

we want to carry
enough to eat
out of our hands


they keep a pretty gum
between them
it sings down in this well

they put cheap pants on
and hold their fly open
to help the light

make three circles around this
in time to black and wash
hot bricks in the wall

the cut starts up
among them
a laugh

never sit on those
first long rounds
they cry


or why think
try out new hold

if they sleep
just as off
as always

put it to them
like this

this want
to be clean

not done
wants to know


if it's got ten hearts
it will almost take off
with blood

if afraid
there's another door
in the tower

then is always before
no longer
than it is round

this is ten
come to think of it
who ever did think

not one or two
but big red
the fly


she said
that man went
where I was about to get

she said the bus
stops and lets
her little girl off

the sun is light
green with hot

we eat
a hot dog
and go back to work


how did these
get here I wonder
what's small always does

now come away
said a piece of one
once to please

upon that best
and warm hold
I will become only

and not take of
what's given
together or not

but come back
said the one
take a look at these


you stop only
to go

against black wood
pull it down
into the cold saw

and get that
going again
which is sharp

so to cut out
so much crap
that's put up with

make this out
as just like always
and you'll walk to help


they went they
let off steam

they let off
blue and heat
they wanted to carry you

who were they
they didn't tell me
(full moon)

one of them had
wide teeth
when he stood up

to be about eight
days old with light
(full moon)


you have to pay
your tax when you
are found dead

many wish
to eat much green
before they rot

I have been one
to always bank
off the rim

as I said before
you can tell where
the old play breaks

backs and must run
down to even see
where you are

you yourself
not what some person
says it is like


when I try
to take a step
my foot lands

like the ground
is just there

it's funny
you find out
you knew all along


off the pig
that robs us
of what we say

to each other
that should be small
and live

not that big
laugh about how
to sit and wait

for some high answer
to put down
what's plain and wide


he washes her back
every which way

he gets big
to carry her
around and around

under what is
they cum
inside wave


I do not like
the way that fly ran
under the chair

those bushes pushed
through that fence
are enough

now songs want
my head back
where I sat once

I got up
and drew
the plan


I was just
thinking you should
do right

because that guy
in the yellow car
is a cop


something for everyone
there is something for everyone
at the beach

in uneven lines
white water and wind
blows hair in eyes

seven faces
in and out of line
got tans from the sun

it is fun
to see them play
just like some one

drew a line
they play with it
and the eyes have it

to look at again
as many times as
it takes to see


when you get to where
you can roll and
see out

a number of
numbers show forth
on a kind of

it moves back of
grey sky

to make your way
in each place
more clear

seeing not
dim by dint of
what's not seen

Copyright © Kit Robinson 1976.

The Dolch Stanzas was published by This
in an edition of 300 copies, of which 26 
were lettered A-Z and signed by the author. 
Printed at the West Coast Print Center.